A glossy stiletto enters a room. Everyone turns. There she is, all chic and “unbothered.” Click-clacking across the marble floor. Single. Ready. Hungry, for the night. Desire extruding, voluptuously slithering across the room. A saunter here, a shimmy there. Lightly fuzzed pasta-like toes appear ensnared beneath the lacquered sheathing. Meanwhile a rosy queer boy squeezes a pair of meaty, pale thighs, clapping them methodically like a proper instrument. Plopped atop a greyed fitted sheet, he rubs a stuffed pig against his adolescent manhood. Slightly bulged, the member is a quivering worm, submissive in its approach. The drawings bloat with a heavily anthropomorphized amalgam of characters displaying all too familiar human sensibilities. The body, and its infinite array of sloppy, inarticulate and fumbled mannerisms, twists and pulls like warm cheese. The anthropomorphic influence and its many faces crawled their way through the internet and into the mind of a little gay blonde. Fuzzy and supple, they coaxed him in, cementing an eternal fixation with the underbelly of the internet. The works examine queerness and anthropomorphism coinciding with the digital world, a match made in hell. Everything is perverse and imbued with a raging pubescent wiggle. Splicing and carving quotidian narratives with a libidinous impulse, the characters of this world concoct fumbled yet graceful performances of a life experiencing queer identity, desire, beauty, perversion, sexuality and gender.