An engorged boner presses comfortably against a warmed laptop base. Smudges dabble the screen, warping a Grinch-green website showcasing anthropomorphized fan art. The curling toes of a little gay boy reveal some forced constipation; refusing to let go of his focus on the screen, refusing to relieve himself. Stuffing down the visual ephemera, he spatters his brain with snapshots of all things weird. Archiving through the years, the boy lets these fixations ripen into facets of a queer identity informed by internet subculture. Gay is a lispy wet mouth, but make it fashion. Gay is a universe of hopelessly devoted characters navigating sticky situations with continued fixations on love, existence, queerness and camp.

The works engage with a twisted relationship between the internet and sexuality. The millennial-dominated cyberspace, encompassing entities like Tumblr, DeviantArt and Youtube, provided a safe space for adolescent queers to escape a reality riddled with anxieties. Anthropomorphism was a large part of these online communities, manifesting as avatars, memes, sexualized fictions, niche video games and devious little gay fantasies. While these spaces allowed for creative expression for a closeted community, they also fomented a self deprecating, digitally-dependent breed of youth married to unreal realities. This new mindset allowed for a tantalizing soirée with online ephemera at the disposal of participating in the real world. An evolving relationship between queerness and the internet is reflected in the online subcultures that inspired, soured and complicated its very nuanced take on existence.

These drawings and prints amalgamate the strangeness that surrounded stifled obsessions from a closeted queer childhood integrated with the corporeal abstraction of anthropomorphism. The works flirt with perception and lick the tip of the grotesque. There is a sense of familiarity that comes at a price. That wig looks friendly, but is it? There’s no way that cat can walk in those heels! How can that donut multitask so well? There’s not enough to convince you of a reality akin to your own, but perhaps these delicious narratives can convince you to legitimize a new one. One where everything has a gay lisp, a gimme shimmy, a little sugar in the tank. Long nubby fingers extend an invitation addressed specifically to you, asking you to become acquainted with a wet and gushy sack of repressed emotions, camp-driven humor, and a hyper sexualized line scribbling balloonified imagery.